School Transportation

Safeway Transportation Services provides exceptional transportation services for students and schools. With a wide range of offerings and a team of experienced professionals, we aim to exceed expectations and ensure the careful and dependable transportation of students. Services offered by Safeway include daily rides for regular and special needs students and charters for field trips, athletics, and summer camp.

Daily Rides:

Safeway offers daily rides for students with a promise to arrive safely and on time to their schools. Our experienced drivers are well-trained and follow strict safety protocols, providing peace of mind for parents and schools alike.


For school outings, field trips, or extracurricular activities, Safeway offers services for any trips in mind. We can supply a variety of buses along with a professional school bus driver for any trips out of any of our 10 locations.

Special Needs Transportation

Special needs transportation is a service we are proud to offer. We commit to provide accommodating vehicles for school. We thrive to provide a hassle-free experience for schools, parents, and students.

With the intention of a hassle-free experience, our staff, from drivers to management, undergo rigorous training and continuous professional development, enabling us to deliver top-quality services and handle any transportation challenges with expertise.

Special Needs Transportation

Location managers and dispatchers are aware of special accomodations of students and enforce drivers and aides to have a high level of professionalism.

Safeway has a selection of trained drivers who accommodate the students with unique requirements students so their journey is with comfort and safety. Drivers and aides undergo specialized training to operate wheelchair lifts, angel clips, and buckling in car seats.

We require drivers and aides to attend monthly safety meetings. These meetings provide opportunities to review and reinforce safety procedures, address concerns, and share best practices. By fostering a continuous learning environment, we empower our team to stay updated on the latest safety standards and practices. These monthly meetings allow our company to meet our goal of safe and realiable student transportation.

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