School Transport

Your Safety

We take care of everyone’s safety!

Our entire team at Safeway Transportation is highly professional and trained. We run every vehicle under a strict inspection. We verify all security measures are taken care of so that all are safe before use.

  1. We inspect, examine, and service our cars are regularly
  2. We follow all Local, State, and Federal guidelines
  3. All vehicles have an integrated GPS or tracking system
  4. Our team monitors all vehicles’ movements

Safety Overview:

  • Your child’s safety is our prime responsibility. Being in the transportation business for 25 years requires dedication and hard work towards our security measures for a smooth and safe journey.
  • We ensure that every driver we hire has a valid driving license, registered and verified by the state. Only after a rigorous background check that consists of Fingerprints etc., do we add them to our driver base.
  • We take driving tests before handling the job to the employees, making them aware of the coordination with the technicians and other team members.
  • We ensure that drivers are fit and competent for the job by taking their medical tests before hiring.

Safety & Training

At Safeway Transportation, our drivers start their day by checking on the safety checklist. A message is displayed to remind them about how vital their attention is for the children’s safety. We believe that the driver’s safety is more important to ensure that the passengers are dropped at their destination safely.

Safety training programs and preventative technologies

We have designed a process that adheres to the security measures comprehensively:

  • Virtual training with predictive analytics to restrain collisions.
  • The technology is used to mitigate collisions giving the drivers real-time to avoid unfortunate situations.
  • Operator training programs customized for local needs.
  • Unit performance analysis to identify lacking.


safety training
What can you expect from us: Training, Prevention & Monitoring, Auditing, Reporting, Insurance & Risk Management

Safety Performance

We are confident that no other school transportation company takes safety as seriously as we do. Because of our commitment to secure service, we have been striving in the transportation industry for more than 25 years. With our professional management and skillful employees, we continue manage to maintain our reputation.

Safety is our Priority

We believe that security is not an option; it’s a necessity. This principle is a measure goal at safety-first transportation service. We believe in educating our employees before they are given the responsibility to drive. We conduct a security training program for all our new and old employees on the board every quarter, ensuring that each member is aware of safety measures. We understand that a transportation job is not as easy as it seems. We have a responsibility for many lives. Therefore, we ensure that all the vehicles moving should be monitored under strict supervision. We make sure that the security of passengers and our employees is substantial in every possible way.

medical assistance
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Technical competency of the Maintenance Staff
  • Fitness of other Staff Personnel
  • Health and Fitness of Drivers
  • Incident quick Response and handling
  • Safety of Premises (Workplace)
  • Investigation in case of any Incident
  • Management Checks
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Premises safety (Workplace, school, etc.)
  • Risk Assessment test
  • Safety Audit
  • Safety Validation
  • Vehicles safety (Buses, vans, etc.)