Safeway Transportation Services is proud of our team at all locations. We hope you can join! Below are descriptions of multiple career options. At the bottom is a link to apply online.

School Bus Driver

Our school bus drivers are responsible for multiple district students’ pickup and drop-off at schools. We believe that punctuality is the primary trait one should have for this job. They are responsible for secure and on-time drop-off at the school. The driver must be dedicatedly hard-working and calm. They should have a driving license and a clean driving background.

Coordinator Positions

This position requires experience in coordinating with the team. Our maintenance staff is responsible for dealing with drivers and external customers. They are responsible for keeping track of every student moving on our vehicles. Because thousands of students travel in our vehicles in different shifts and from various areas back and forth, this profile includes Data-Entry, Dispatcher, or Office Admin work.

Maintenance Positions

They are accountable for maintaining the vehicles that pick and drops thousands of students in multiple shifts. They work with technicians to perform various duties such as brakes’ oil change, light repairing checks, seat installations, etc.

Managerial Positions

There are three different posts under this category: safety manager, location manager, HR manager, and shop manager. We are hiring in all three departments to make our service better than ever. Our managers have rigorous duties on their heads. Reviewing all operations and making secure routes etc., are a few of them.